SSS recently tuned 23, and even though it may be getting up there in years, we are just as committed as we were in the beginning to ensuring it is kept up to date and stays the most advanced light steel framing design tool on the market. We are constantly improving the software to reflect changes in construction methods, cold formed steel products, and customer feedback.

This short article explains what is new with the latest version and what that means for the designer, as well as the builder.

What is SteelSmart System?

If you are not familiar with SSS, it is Cold Formed Steel (CFS) design software that allows the user to determine exactly how to frame a curtain wall, loadbearing wall, truss, shear wall, floor, etc. For example, if you are not sure what gauge of stud you need to satisfy the loads required for a particular wall, SteelSmart System will detail everything for you, down to the gauge, what type of bridging you need, any clip connectors, and what size the screws need to be.

SSS 7.6 Highlights

Automated Licensing

One of the enhancements users are excited about in SSS 7.6 is the new automated licensing procedure. There is no longer a need to go through the time-consuming process of acquiring the code for your software, sending it in to ASI, waiting for your key to come back, and activating your license.

The only requirement now is that you login with your username and password from the ASI Portal the first time you open the software. After that, your software is automatically licensed and you will not have to take further action until the license expires.

New Products!

SSS 7.6 includes the all new VertiClip® SLT(S) and DriftTrak® DTSLB/DTLB with Headed Studs from The Steel Network, Inc (TSN).

VertiClip SLF(S)

Easily install curtain wall panels to the top of slab in bypass conditions.

DriftTrak Headed Stud

Save thousands by installing DriftTrak when pouring the slab, as opposed to after the slab is poured.

Export Styles from SSS to the SteelSmart® Framer

For users that are also taking advantage of our New BIM framing tool, SteelSmart Framer (SSF), there is another update that you will find extremely beneficial. SSS and SSF now communicate with each other. This means you can design a wall module in SSS and import that module into SSF for use in creating 3-D BIM models in Revit®.

Full List of New Features:

  • New Licensing Procedure: Automated licensing procedure, connecting it to your ASI Portal Account so your licenses are obtained instantly.
  • Updated Section Database: Studs and Tracks of 14” and 16” depth were added for vertical pieces in boxed headers and 43mil/50ksi studs were added to the Standard Stud Database.
  • Enhanced Openings: Added single stud configuration as an option for non-boxed headers.
    • Added option for double StiffClip® HE at ends of boxed headers with depth > 12”.
    • Added Multi-piece members composed of studs facing one direction for opening jambs in CW/LBW.
  • Enhanced Analysis: Revised design values for adhesive fasteners.
    • Revised default load combinations for all supported design codes.
    • Enabled dead and live load cases in User-Defined wall/ opening modules.
    • Updated and improved twisting moment resistance of TSN bridging clips with various stud thickness.
  • Connectivity to SteelSmart® Framer (SSF) Plug-in for Autodesk® Revit®: Added Export feature for all SteelSmart® System (SSS) wall modules so structural designs completed in SSS can be imported into SSF Styles for use in creating 3-D BIM models in Revit®.

Download the Complete SSS 7.6 What’s New Flyer

We hope you enjoy the new features and that they help you complete your light steel framing projects more efficiently. If you have ideas for further upgrades, or any other questions regarding the software, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.