A recent, memorial day deck collapse in Atlanta has underscored the need for progress in the area of deck safety. 7 People were injured Sunday, May 27th when a deck that was holding a weekend celebration to kick off the official start of summer suddenly collapsed. Almost a dozen people were standing or sitting on the deck, playing cards, chatting and enjoying the new summer air.


Their celebration came to an abrupt end, however, when the deck to house ledger, responsible for 90% of all deck collapse incidents, suddenly failed, causing the deck to immediately fold. “I heard the thump and I heard the scream,” renter Dehavilland Baugh said. “I heard people underneath there saying ‘help, help.'” The 7 injured were then rushed to a local hospital and treated for leg and back injuries. The nightmarish incident did not cause any deaths, something that Baugh says she credits “to the man upstairs.”

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