For a limited time only, several Progressive Collapse papers published in Engineering Structures Journal, which discuss the use of Extreme Loading® for Structures (ELS) nonlinear dynamic structural analysis software to analyze structures and design to prevent Progressive Collapse (aka Disproportionate Collapse), have been made available for free.

ELS is a powerful structural analysis software that provides structural engineers with more through, performance-based approach to progressive collapse that is not only cost effective but will provide building owners and builders savings in time and construction materials. Although ELS is used for a wide variety of applications, from developing policy to refining building codes (for blast, ATFP, protective design, high wind, seismic, tsunami), these scholarly publications focus specifically on progressive collapse.

This is part of a special edition for Progressive Collapse and Robustness of Building Structures in the 21st century made available through Engineering Structures. See Below our top 5 picks from these articles. Make sure to check them out to understand more about the capabilities of ELS and the Applied Element Method. Free access will expire December 31, 2018.

  1. Progressive collapse assessment of framed reinforced concrete structures according to UFC guidelines for alternative load path method:
    Huda Helmy, Hamed Salem, Sherif Mourad

  2. Toward an economic design of reinforced concrete structures against progressive collapse:
    H.M. Salem, A.K. El-Fouly, H.S. Tagel-Din

  3. Experimental testing and numerical analysis of 3D steel frame system under column loss:
    Florea Dinu, Ioan Marginean, Dan Dubina, Ioan Petran

  4. Experimental testing and numerical modelling of steel moment-frame connections under column loss:
    Florea Dinu, Ioan Marginean, Dan Dubin

  5. Response of a reinforced concrete infilled-frame structure to removal of two adjacent columns: 
    Mehrdad Sasani

Bonus Papers:

Click here to see the full list of free journal articles:

Hopefully these resources help you understand the value of using Extreme Loading® for Structures Software for progressive collapse design on your next project.

Download one of our progressive collapse case studies ( or click the link below to start a free trial of ELS:

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