The recent demolition of the Plaza Hotel at Texas A&M University provided brilliant views of a quick demolition for hundreds of onlookers. The 17-storey building was built in 1960 and had been used as both a Ramada Inn and a private college dormitory. The owners of the property, Roscoe Holdings, filed for bankruptcy in 2010. This prompted a decision by the city council to have the building demolished to make way for future expansionary projects. The demolition took place on May 24th, and is said to be “long overdue” by residents who say that in the past decades, the hotel has struggled to provide even basic heating, air conditioning and running water for those who made their stay. Also, the building was rumored to be haunted by an old civil war general by the name of Jack T. Anderson, however, as the building is formerly used and surrounded by college students, the stories may be a bit exaggerated. Additionally, no historical record of any “Jack T. Anderson” can be found, but rumors of a haunting are often enough to make a person rethink his choice of a hotel. You can see the video of the implosion below.