We’re happy to announce the release of our Advanced Structural Analysis Software, Extreme Loading for Structures (ELS) Version 6.0!  ELS is used by structural engineers and researchers around the world to study the effects of blast, progressive collapse, wind, earthquake, projectile impact, and other extreme loads on structures.

We’ve made a number of great improvements in this release. Contact your ASI sales representative to download the new version. Below is a sampling of What’s New, for a complete list of new features download our What’s New in ELS 6.0 Brochure or the Full ELS 6.0 Features Brochure.

What’s New in ELS 6.0:

  • Import & Export Filtration Queries (Modeler & Viewer)
  • Custom Blast Loading
  • New Iterative Solver
  • Added Contact for Static Loads
  • Shear Stress Weight Added to Steel Model
  • New ELS Viewer with Open GL 3.3